This area of the page is a work in progress, We Build Wildcat AR15 uppers with barrels supplied by MDWS. We can not and do not build complete firearms or lowers.  We do not manufacture ammunition for sale to the public, We Will help you load your own ammo.  See our Facebook page for more information.  The 277 Wolverine is the most versitle AR15 hunting cartridge, using standard magazines, WE use 90g TNT or 90G Speer Gold dots for hunting , 80-110g bullets are the most common used. Can run supersonic or subsonic with no issues. Email for more information. 


for .277 wolverine uppers email for  the most current prices,  complete uppers 18'' ss barrel, Mlok handguards are currently $440 picked up or delivered within 50 miles of Kenosha,WI. $455 shipped.