What will the color be?  Yellows And Blacks
How much?  $900 each  Male or female  any color. ($150 deposit will hold your pick)
How can I reserve a puppy? We only take a few limited reservations, usually only one of each sex and colorbefore they are born, then the priority will be in order of deposit, which is nonrefundable.
How will I know when the puppies are born?    Sign up with our FB page and stay tuned we will post pictures the same day.
Can I be on a waiting list?   We don't keep waiting lists, but rather ask you to keep an eye out and track our FB page, We dont want to hold deposits and not produce the color or sex of the puppie that you were waiting for. We post what is available soon as the puppies are born on our Facebook page. 
Will the puppies have their first shots? Yes, the pups are Vet checked, dewclaws removed and have their first shots by the time they go home.
When will the puppies be ready to go home?  At age 7 weeks 

Scheduling a visit with us:


We are very flexible with the visitations, we understand that with Work and School there is very little time, therefore we try to be accommadating. We ask that you are on time for your appointment and contact us if you can not make it. We are happy to reschedule for you. Our lives are on hold while waiting for the visitors and it is not fair to us nor to the pups who were removed from the Mom while waiting for someone. However, we do ask for the courtesy of a heads up when late or unable to show.   


A Visit is very involved, preparations take up to 1 hour depending on how many pups we are showing:

1. Bathe the pup/puppies

2. clip the nails

3. remove it from Mom and siblings with no nourishments 

4. Mom is removed from the other pups so visitors can see her 

5. now we wait for visitors, if someone is late we hope to receive a message  

Dakota x Hank puppies due in April, ready for new homes in June. $900  Blacks and Yellows