Cheyenne at 53 days Pregnant
Cheyenne of Smokin Guns was the "epitome" of a  hunting Yellow Labrador (11/1/2001-10/9/2013)
At 85 lbs. on the thin but muscular side she is exactly what a Female Labrador should look like.
Cheyenne was especially chosen after lots of research, with a background of the 
"Pointing Labrador" breeding. Not only was she a great Hunting Dog, she was excellent at
marking downed Birds and was hunted on wild Pheasants in Central Iowa, Ducks in South- East to North-West Wisconsin and Ruffed Grouse and Rabbits in Northern Wisconsin. Cheyenne was a very strong swimmer and enjoyed retrieving Ducks out of the Water as well as on Land.
Cheyenne was easily trained and is well behaved in the house; she was very protective and let us know when Strangers approach the home.  Her love for children and dedication to family was unbelievable, this trait is not rare for the Labrador breed.    Cheyenne was more than a dog, she was a member of the family and will be dearly missed by everyone. She is now in Heaven running with the other dogs chasing birds and eating Culver's bacon cheese burgers.



Cheyenne showing off after her hunt