Puppies Hips are guaranteed against hereditary Hip Dysplasia for 25 Months. At that point we will require you to have Hips and Elbows x-rayed by your Vet and graded by OFA. 
Breeding Dogs have been certified by OFA for Hip and Elbows.  We do not breed dogs that have dysplastic hips or in their known pedigree.  We have our Dogs Eyes VET CHECKED. Breeding dogs are geneticly tested for EIC, "also know ans exercise induced collapse", to avoid the possibility of producing a dog affected with the disease. 

Smokin Gun Labradors Puppy Guarantee

                                        HIP DYSPLASIA GUARANTEE


Covered by the Dysplasia Guarantee

  1. The dog must be x-rayed by 25 month of age; the x-ray must be submitted to the OFA for evaluation. Animals x-rayed after 25 months of age are not eligible for a replacement under the Dysplasia Guarantee.
  2. The OFA report may be waived at Breeders discretion. If this is done, a copy of the x-ray (including x-ray report) must be provided.
  3. Animals under the two year age limit required by the OFA will not be replaced unless they are moderately, or severely dysplastic.


Replacement Dog

Our guarantee is by replacement only. We DO NOT give refunds in part or in full.

  1. We will replace defective animals, upon the neutering or spaying of the original animal. A certificate from your Veterinarian must be supplied to us verifying such neutering or spaying.
  2. The entire purchase price of the dysplastic dog covered by this guarantee may be applied to a puppy from any Smokin Gun Kennel's litter of your choice. The replacement must be reserved.



  1. On occasion, a severely dysplastic animal may be deemed better off being euthanized rather that neutered or spayed. In this case, a signed statement is required from the Veterinarian that the animal has been euthanized. The AKC papers must be returned and signed over to us prior to receiving the new puppy. The expense of the euthanasia is the obligation of the owner of the animal.
  2. All animals used for prior to x-ray are not guaranteed.


The Guarantee applies to the following litter only

Litter No:




Cell # 262-331-DUCK (3825)




Your puppy is now receiving 3 meals a day of Pro-Plan Performance. Each meal is approximately 1 cup for a total of 3 cups per day. The food has been well soaked in warm water to allow for easier chewing and prevent stomach bloating.

 If you wish to add to your puppies diet other types of food or scraps wait until at least 3 months old. At first feed your pup in a secluded place he can feel comfortable with until he feels at home in his new surroundings. Small pups to not know when to stop drinking water; they will overdo it if water is left out all the time. Offer a reasonable amount several times a day after meals. After about four to five months old, they will start to regulate themselves and water can be left out at all times.


 Your puppy has a need to chew, offer him a safe digestible chew toy such as a "Nyla" or a "Steri" bone. You can find these at the grocery or at pet food stores.

Any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime. We hope you enjoy your new family member for many years!

Rick Banulis

 All puppies have been vet checked and had dew claws removed .  Pups will be dewormed and have all appropriate shots for the their age.